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Setting Up VCS

Hi, I am setting up VCS and my parameters are as follows: Version Control System: Git URL: https://bitbucket.<internal domain name>.com/dv/dv_dev_environment.git User: <user name I used when logging into Virtual DataPort Administration Tool> Password: <password I used when logging into Virtual DataPort Administration Tool> After saving, when I tried to shift to the Enrivonment tab, I am getting below error: ``` Error accessing the server: error obtaining environments list: https://bitbucket.<internal domain name>.com/dv/dv_dev_environment.git: not authorized ``` In the same way, when I'm creating a new environment, I'm also getting the above error.
15-03-2021 04:57:25 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, This error usually occurs if the credentials used to connect to the VCS repository are incorrect. As I could see you have provided the Virtual DataPort user credentials for connecting to the repository, the authorization will fail as it expects the credentials of the Git repository. In order to configure VCS in the Denodo Platform, you should provide the Git account credentials of the user, instead of the Virtual DataPort user credentials. Also, you could make sure that the user has privileges to access the Git repository/branch before configuring the Version Control System in Virtual DataPort Server. You can take a look at [**Virtual DataPort Server Configuration**]( Section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information about configuring the Version Control in the Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-03-2021 07:33:49 -0400
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