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Where is the option to synchronize data catalog in solution manager?

Hi Team, I am looking for synchronize the data catalog through solution manager. I am referring the below link. But where exactly I can find this option, can you please help? In order to make this option enable or viewable, do I need to do some settings change? Please eloborate. Thanks in advance, Manju
19-03-2021 05:35:54 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to see the **'Enable Data Catalog synchronization' **option under the **'Environment'** -> **'Deployments' **section of the Solution Manager Administration Tool. If you are unable to see this option, then you could do the following checks: * Check if the Data Catalog server is registered in the Solution Manager Administration Tool.You can take a look at the **[Creating Servers](** section of the Solution Manager Administration Guide for more information. * Check if the user configured for the Data Catalog server must have at least the **data_catalog_admin** role in order to be able to synchronize the data catalog metadata during the deployment process. For more information, you can take a look at the**[ Data Catalog Server Synchronization ](**section of the Solution Manager Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-03-2021 09:04:43 -0400
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