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Changing parameter

Hi there, I have made one comparision parameter in a join view, like **input '=' or 'in' localdate(2201/02/03)** but if I want to add** between** range here, then what changes I have to do and how it works. I am trying to chnage it but it won't work.
22-03-2021 09:20:02 -0400

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What if I don't want to change datatype from Date to Interval also, is there anything that I can directly change the parameter?
22-03-2021 12:54:33 -0400
Hi, For your scenario, I would use **Where Conditions** option in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool in order to filter the data based on the between range values. For instance, I would use the **Specify Where expression** option under the Where Conditions > Edit tab of the derived view for adding the complex condition. Further, I would set the condition in the Where conditions tab as below example format: ``` [view_name].[field_name] between(<value1>,<value2>) ``` However, in order to manipulate the date function, you can refer to the[ Datetime Processing Functions]( section under the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-03-2021 08:47:07 -0400
This question is about the obligatory parameters added on join, once the obligatory parameter added,(is it editble or changable?)
23-03-2021 12:36:50 -0400
Hi, Generally, in Virtual DataPort, the search methods help to explicitly specify the query capabilities in the base views. The execution engine automatically calculates the query capabilities of the derived views according to the capabilities of its base views. Therefore, I believe obligatoriness is more based on the** base view**. You can refer to the section [Query Capabilities]( under Virtual DataPort Guide for more information on this. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
30-03-2021 08:40:58 -0400
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