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Denodo Log View to user for monitoring the Cache Refresh

Hi All - We have requirement to hook the data into some Dashboard where we can see which Base view or Derived View is refreshed and how many rows are refreshed. Is there any Denodo view from where we can pick the information. When we run the Cache refresh from VQL, some of the information is present in the Execution log but where it keeps the History and how to fetch the information from Execution log. Any pointer will be very helpful. Thanks Gurjeet
01-04-2021 07:52:17 -0400

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Hi, The [**Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool**]( is a web tool that provides real-time monitoring of the Virtual DataPort server. For your scenario, you could use the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool to fetch information about the cache refresh process for a particular view in Virtual DataPort. From the Denodo Platform Control Centre,[** launch the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool**]( and **[configure a new Virtual DataPort server](**. This will monitor the activities of the Virtual DataPort server under running state. Under the **[Cache](** section of the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool , you can find detailed information about the cache load processes on the Virtual DataPort server. For detailed information, you can take a look at the **[Monitoring](** section of the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-04-2021 07:42:57 -0400
Thanks for the reply but we don't have access to Monitoring tool so looking to create our own Dashbaord where we can see all the queries ran and refresh the cache. We are trying to hook this data into existing Bespoke Dashboards. Very similar to Execution Log : Is Data in Execution log stored in some table or View from where we can access? Time Database Command Duration Rows Results
06-04-2021 04:09:23 -0400
Hi, For your scenario, you could use the **[Denodo Monitor](** that logs the activities of the Denodo Platform servers. Once the Denodo monitor is **[launched](**, the different categories of logs such as vdp-connections.log, vdp-queries.log, vdp-loadcacheprocesses.log, etc.. will be generated under the directory **"<DENODO_MONITOR_HOME>\tools\monitor\denodo-monitor\denodo-monitor\logs"**. These logs can then be imported into your own dashboard to obtain the necessary details about Virtual DataPort server. You can take a look at the **[Monitoring Denodo with Splunk](** and **[Log column details](** Knowledge Base Articles for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-04-2021 09:15:59 -0400
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