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Denodo Hot backup

We wanted to setup a Denodo hot backup. I understand that this will be a separate always running server where metadata will be backed up/synchronized by the Solution manager and which will come up once main server goes down. However, I didn't find any updates regarding cache, scheduler and Data Catalog DBs? We have separate external DBs for each of the above. So, my questions were :- 1. Will we need to maintain separate cache, scheduler and Data Catalog DBs for the hot backup server which will be synchrinized by Solution Manager? OR the hot backup server will use the existing DBs when it comes up in case of main server failure? 2. If we have licenses for say, 16 core production server which we have already utilized then we don't need new licenses for the Hot backup server as long as it is covered in the license? 3. Related to point 2 above, incase we go for Denodo active-active HA, then we will need 32 core production license (16 for current production server and 16 for the new active production server)?
13-04-2021 11:03:06 -0400

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Hi, I would configure Denodo Hot backup under production environment in Solution Manager as suggested in [**How to configure a VDP Backup server in the Solution Manager**]( Knowledge Base Article. This way, the metadata will always be in sync with Production and uses the same cache as Production. Hot and Cold backups are for Virtual DataPort servers and not intended for Scheduler or Data Catalog. For your second question, as long as you have Hot backup covered in the license then you don’t need to worry about product cores being utilized. If you still need help and if you are a valid support user then you can raise a support case in [Denodo Support Site]( so that our support team can help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-04-2021 07:48:22 -0400
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