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Base view I cannot see query capability

hello, I am using Denodo Express 8 and While applying training exercises I can not see Query capability for any base view. Actually when I open a Base view, I click on Option then Seach Methods, I have only Method Name, Wrapper Name and Madatory fields as parameters (and I cannot modify their values). I don't have The table with the list of fields. Please can someone tell me what I can do to be able to see it, otherwise I cannot change output, operator or if parameter is mandatory or not.
17-04-2021 12:49:23 -0400

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Hi, From Denodo Platform 8.0, the **option to view the Query Capabilities has been removed**. You can find this information in the [Removed “Query Capabilities” Panel]( section. If I would need to change the Query Capability of a view and make a column mandatory, I would do the following, * Open the Base view > VQL. * Copy the VQL of the Base view and paste it in the VQL shell. * Edit the ADD SEARCHMETHOD <view_name> section of the VQL to change the obligatoriness of a column. For example, ***ADD SEARCHMETHOD <viewname>( CONSTRAINTS ( ADD <columnname> (any) OBL ONE )*** * Execute the VQL. Now, open the base view, navigate to **Options > Search Methods** tab, you will find the column_name in the Mandatory fields row as shown [here]( For more information, you could refer to the [Example of how a search method is created with ALTER TABLE]( section of Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-04-2021 04:05:34 -0400
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