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Wrapper name cannot be updated when changing the base view name

Hi Team, We understandm when we create a base view, Denodo will get the wrapper created firstly and then the base view created on the basis of wrapper. And the wrapper name has the same name as the base view. However we found this case, after we create the base view, we sometimes found the base view name is not proper later on and we need to change the base view name, and when we change the base view name, we see the wrapper name cannot be updated according to the change of the base view name. We also found it will lead a problem, if the wrapper name is not the same as physical view, once in the underlying side has some structure changes of the base view soruce table, when we operate "srouce refresh" function, we found the base view metadata cannot be refreshed successfully, and we need to change the code to make the wrapper name has the same name as the base view name, and then we can refresh the base view metadata succ to get the update structure from underlying. Can you please let us know do we have some config in denodo side, which can let the wrappaer name get updated according to base view name change. Thanks.
24-04-2021 23:46:29 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, When a base view is created in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool, a wrapper is created and the name of the wrapper would be the same as of the base view. When you change the base view name, the wrapper name will not be changed. In this scenario, if you do a ‘**[Source Refresh](**’ on the base view, the wrapper name will be changed to the new base view name. However, currently the change of wrapper name according to base view name change is not supported but the future updates of Denodo Platform will progressively include them. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-04-2021 08:26:58 -0400
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