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SSL in Denodo Express

I am trying to implement SSL in denodo Express 7.0. So, my first question, is this limited by the license? In other words, can SSL be implemented in Denodo Express? I went through the whole set of instructions and my servers start just fine, there are no errors anywhere. However, when I try to login I get the spinning wheel and it never gets to pass that. So, I thought it could be limited by the license.
03-05-2021 14:24:04 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Yes, Denodo Express 7.0 supports SSL to secure the connections between Denodo Platform servers and its clients. If I need to enable SSL, I would make sure that all the steps are followed for [**enabling SSL**]( in Denodo Express installation. If I face a similar scenario, I would perform the following steps to identify the issue: * Check **vdp.log** file located under “<DENODO_HOME>/logs/vdp” folder to see if there is any error listed in the logs. * Also, check that the [**ports**]( are configured properly with respect to the SSL connection. For example, Web Container uses 9090 port as default for http connections and 9443 for https connections. * If the Denodo Platform runs behind a firewall, I have to make sure to open the ports in the firewall. You can also take a look at [**Limitations of Denodo Express**]( section of Denodo Platform Installation Guide and [**Cannot trust the server to establish a SSL connection**]( Knowledge Base Article for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-05-2021 09:23:59 -0400
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