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Not able to escape special character in post body

Hello, I am trying to pass this expression: \{ ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"customerId\"'" : "\"", @CID, "\", " ,"\"'"customerId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"employeeId\"'" : "\"", @EID, "\", " ,"\"'"employeeId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"productId\"'" : "\"", @PID, "\", " ,"\"'"productId\"'" :null, ") \} To a Post body of a JSON data source, but I keeping getting this error. Unable to establish connection: Error obtaining interpolation variables from the Post Body. Note that you have to escape the characters '@', '{' and '}' with the character '\' and the character '\' with itself (e.g. '\\'). If the body of the request is loaded with Load file, the Tool escapes these characters automatically. I can't seem to escape the special characters. Can anyone help? Thank you
25-06-2021 06:34:50 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would suggest verifying if you have completed the steps here: [Error creating JSON data source with "POST Body" parameters]( Additionally, the thread below may be useful to grasp the idea for what you want to do: [Execution Context of a Query and Interpolation Strings]( [IGNORE NULLS]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-06-2021 22:52:32 -0400
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