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User is not able to see "include users and roles" checkbox while vdb export

Hi Team, One of our consumer is unable to see"include users and privileges" checkbox while she is trying to export her vdb though she has local admin rights to the vdb she is trying to export. What is the reason behind it? How to correct it? Please help.
08-07-2021 08:57:58 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo allows the option to include users and roles in a database export if the user is signed in as a server admin. This option is hidden however for local admins. I ran an export as a local admin and only the information from the database was exported, not the users and roles. The exporting of users and roles is a privilege that is not granted for local admins. For more clarification on local admins, you can look at the [Admin]( Privilege Section of VDP Admin Guide. Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
08-07-2021 14:08:01 -0400
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