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Unable to create the connection between MS SQL Server 2019 To Denodo 8.0

i am unable to connect MS SQL Server 2019 to Denodo 8.0 databse adpater:microsfot sql server 2017(MS Driver) Driver classpath : mssql-jdbc-6.x Driver Class : databse URL :jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://DESKTOP-FT43ES7:1433;instance=DESKTOP-FT43ES7 getting below issue Unable to establish connection: Unable to establish connection: Driver not found. could you please help me out this or send me the complete connection part then i can try
11-07-2021 07:44:00 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, ss a first step, I would verify if the setting is done properly. Here is the user manual for JDBC source configuration. [JDBC Sources]( For your case, I would review the database URL. The database URL format coming with your driver requires the format below. `jdbc:sqlserver//host:port,databaseName=database` You can also refer to a similar case that explains connecting to a newer version from the old version driver. [Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-07-2021 23:11:00 -0400
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