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Asking for licences

Tried installaing Denodo 8.0 Azure BYOL Horly, after installing sucessfully, launching the solution manager it asks for license as per my understanding it should be on 30 days trail..not sure how to get the license
14-07-2021 20:40:33 -0400

3 Answers

The [Free Trial is available for Denodo Standard]( only. In Azure, the marketplace offer that includes a Free Trial is [Denodo Standard 8.0 (Hourly)]( So you can deinstall the Denodo 8.0 BYOL and try installing the above to get the Free Trial option. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
15-07-2021 08:54:08 -0400
Did install dendo hourly8.0 it seems that the vm deployed is pointed to platform image vm. can ypu please verify and help? Tried attching the images here was not able to do so.
16-07-2021 02:34:27 -0400
Hi, If I face such a scenario, I would verify the subscription used to instatiate the Denodo VM in the Azure portal by selecting the VM that has been created. The subscription id will be part of the description of the VM. For your scenario, I would suggest you to remove the existing Denodo 8.0 Azure BYOL installation and re-install the **[Denodo Standard 8.0 (Hourly)](** to avail the free trail option. In addition, you could refer to **[Licensing Options for Azure Marketplace](** section to know more about the differences between Denodo Standard and Denodo Platform subscriptions. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-07-2021 02:18:26 -0400
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