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Modifying the Scheduler export .

Hi , I have an export of DENODO scheduler of DEV environment ,When I promote it to higher environment like ST or UAT I want to modify the name of denodo Data source that I have created as per the respective environment . E.G - if in DEV I have - select * from DEV_1.VIEW_NAME; then while promoting it to ST environment I want to change this query to select * from ST_1.VIEW_NAME ; As of now we have to do it manually after taking the import in scheduler. is there any way where I can modify the export file and then import it in other environments ? Thanks in advance Sachin Jagtap.
22-07-2021 05:18:06 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I believe that there is a similar question to this in the community Q&A. Please check out the response to the question [Modifying the contents of scheduler export .]( for clarification on this topic. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-07-2021 12:10:21 -0400
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