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Update multiple records in single call using rest web service

Hi, I've been able to setup a REST web service that allows me to update a single record using a PUT. However, we are running into severe performance issues running large batches of updates due to having to execute one http call per record to update. What I would like to do is the equivalent of: update table set column=value where key in (123,456); Is there a way to specify multiple ids to apply a single PUT to? Thanks for your help!
21-10-2014 17:38:18 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, No, it's not possible to run batch updates through a REST web service. What you can do is to create a stored procedure that runs the updates. This stored procedure could take as input the value and the ids of the records to update (formatted to make them easy to send from the web service: JSON/XML...) and iterate over the ids to perform the updates. The stored procedure can also be published as a REST web service but in this case you will have to use a GET to send the request
Denodo Team
21-10-2014 18:12:34 -0400
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