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Connect to REST Web Service via MS Excel

Hi I’m hoping someone can help with a pretty basic query. I have a view that I’ve published as a REST Web Service. The view is visible via my browser the url is: http://<ipaddress>:9090/server/<environment>/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unionall_nd/views/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unionall_nd I am trying to connect to this web service via excel and am following the basic instructions. Open Excel (2010 in my case) Select Data / From Web / Input my url and select the data that I want to import. All seems to work ok however when I click on import instead of importing the data table I simply see ‘Loading…’. I’ve also tried connecting via PowerPivot using a ‘Data Feed’ but here am getting the error: ‘Cannot connect to the specified feed. Verify the connection and try again. Reason: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the ProhibitDtd property on XmlReaderSettings to false and pass the settings into XmlReader.Create method..’ The view is set with no authentication. Can anyone advise on how I can access the data using excel? I can access using ODBC but am testing via web services for other business users who will not have the ability / access to set up ODBC connections. Thanks
17-11-2014 22:22:18 -0500

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Hi I have tested it and if I use the html representation I get the same Loading... message. It looks like Excel gets the result and doesn't wait for this page to completely load. I tried the other representations. I believe that what you are looking for is the XML representation. My suggestion is to modify your web service to get the xml instead of the html version. For a quick test you can add the ?$format=XML to your url and see if that is what you need: http://<ipaddress>:9090/server/<environment>/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unionall_nd/views/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unionall_nd?$format=XML If that works and you do not want to have to specify the format every time, set as default the xml representation in your web service.
Denodo Team
18-11-2014 05:29:43 -0500
Hi there, The reason why you are getting an error is because Excel requires a secure connection if your web service has an authentication different than None. Try using authentication = None and default representation to be XML. Then create a data connection in Excel 'from web'. I have tested both (secured and unsecured) and it works. Cheers.
21-05-2015 18:05:05 -0400
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