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Error connecting to MySQL database

I have just installed Denodo 5.5 on windows 64 and when trying to connect to MySQL database 'tutorial', it gives following error: Unable to create data source: Unable to establish connection: Communication failure during handshake. Is there a server running on localhost:3306?
14-01-2015 03:07:22 -0500

3 Answers

Hi, This error usually means that the version of the MySQL driver that you have added to the Denodo installation is too old for the version of the MySQL database that you are trying to connect to. Can you try removing the driver that you are using now and adding a JDBC driver that matches the MySQL server version? Remember that after adding the new driver you'll have to restart the VDP server.
Denodo Team
14-01-2015 04:49:09 -0500
I have downloaded the JDBC driver from As I could not find driver for 64-bit, I tried first with 32-bit and then with 'Platform Independent'. Copied the downloaded driver in the folder: <DENODO_HOME>/extensions/thirdparty/lib Please advise the location for the driver.
14-01-2015 04:58:48 -0500
Hi, The 32-bit version should work as MySQL is 32-bit. Did you copied both drivers to the <DENODO_HOME>/extensions/thirdparty/lib folder? only one of the drivers should be copied. What version of the driver and of the MySQL database do you have installed?
Denodo Team
14-01-2015 05:09:19 -0500
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