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Reverting changes to Virtual Databases that are under VCS Control?

Hello! I have many databases that are connected to our VCS system (SVN) and I'm able to run the checkin and checkout. However, many times I've made some changes to a data source or view that I want to UNDO... I want to throw my change away and revert back to the copy that is in our VCS repository. How can I "revert" back to what is in the repository without deleting my entire virtual database and checking out a new copy? Is there a way to revert the changes to a particular view or data source? If not, then I'll continue my method of deleting my local copy and re-doing the checkout. It seems to work okay for now :-) Thanks~!
23-01-2015 16:14:36 -0500

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Hi! I think your method is safer but maybe too heavy for restoring a single view... maybe you already try this but, for a single view, did you try right-click > checkout and select the specific revision to restore (resolving conflicts automatically)?
Denodo Team
27-01-2015 13:35:36 -0500
Hi, Thank you for your response. What if I want to restore the LATEST version, which in my understanding is the HEAD revision? It seems when I make a change and select HEAD, nothing happens... my changes aren't thrown away... this is a problem because I want to restore the HEAD revision but it isn't working. Does it work for you? Thanks~!
06-03-2015 10:06:11 -0500
Any follow up to this?
05-10-2015 10:37:55 -0400
Hi! I will try to explain the current functionality: your question is about how to discard local changes made over the current HEAD version. In this case doing a HEAD check-out is not valid, due to the fact that at this moment if you have changes over the last revision in the repository, the server is not detecting any changes (it detects the local and remote versions are the same and, as you said, nothing happens). So in my opinion, for now, I recommend that you continue with the habitual procedure described in your first post. Finally I want to point that a new functionality for allowing to discard local changes made in VCS synchronized databases is in the Denodo Platform roadmap. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-10-2015 06:47:15 -0400
Thank you!
06-10-2015 10:42:32 -0400
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