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data sources

What are the data sources not supported by denodo??? I believe ssh is not supported.
27-01-2015 01:34:08 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo supports the widest range of data sources of any Data Virtualization vendor, including connectors for relational databases, parallel and distributed databases, multidimensional databases, packaged applications (such as SAP and Salesforce), Web Services (SOAP and REST), XML, JSON, flat files, log files, Web applications (including data from the hidden Web), unstructured repositories and search engines, email servers, mainframes, JMS queues, and NoSQL Databases (such as Hadoop/Hive and HBase, MongoDB). Regarding secure shell protocol (SSH), Denodo provides a SSH Custom Wrapper that allows Virtual DataPort to use SSH to connect to a remote computer and execute an arbitrary command, which is then returned as the query result. You can download this Custom Wrapper from the Support Site (Denodo Connect): The user manual is located in the doc folder of the .zip file you can download using the previous URL. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
03-02-2015 10:38:57 -0500
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