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web service 'customer' was not successfully deployed

Hi, Thanks for earlier suggestions, but no go. Changing authentication to ‘none’ had no impact. Here is a more complete picture of the issue I have. The URL will not work unless ‘deploy’ is successful. Which it is not. The error is: “Error deploying Web Service 'customer': web service 'customer' was not successfully deployed by the web container.” I followed the tutorial to a T. Any ideas?
17-03-2015 15:31:43 -0400

1 Answer

Is the web container "ON? You can check the status if you go to Tools > Web Service Container. The status (On or OFF) is displayed on top of the table. If the web service container is not running (and restarting the Denodo server has not changed that), it may be that some of the ports are taken by another program. Default port is 9090. You can change the ports in Administration > Server Configuration > Connectivity
Denodo Team
17-03-2015 15:42:59 -0400
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