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Union View Error of Assert code: 1000 Help

I am using the 5.5 Community Edition. In there I create two new join views that each have two columns (email & touchpoint). Each of those views when executed pull back what is expected. Next I went to create a union view that uses those two previous mentioned views. The association/links are both columns and distinct is off. Nothing else fancy configured for the union view. When trying to execute it, I get an error of this: Error executing query. Total time 10.256 seconds. TOUCH_MERGED [VIRTUAL] [ERROR] ERROR: Assert Detail: ----------------------------------------------- error: Assert code: 1000 context: mod == -1 || (mod-VARHDRSZ) >= size - query: 574597 location: pg_utils.cpp:1109 process: padbmaster [pid=12418] ----------------------------------------------- Can anyone help point me in a better direction of what it is having an issue with? PS: I am new to denodo and trying it out for a potential bigger project. Thanks, Eric
29-04-2015 12:52:28 -0400

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Hi, You can execute the query again with trace on and check 'View execution trace' or the trace in VQL shell. For example, in the VQL shell, appending the word trace to the query will enable the trace, SELECT * FROM <view_name> trace; You can refer to '4.6.1 Execution Trace of a Statement' in the 'Virtual DataPort Administration Guide.pdf' (Can be downloaded from By using the trace it will be easier to see what caused the error. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
29-04-2015 14:04:58 -0400
Thank you! I didn't think about that but it did point me to the fact the whole query was being delegated to the aws db. Which it apparently didn't like (or maybe support) the projects and unions which denodo was asking it to do. I just went to the data source config for the main db and told it not to delegate those on the server and the union view came back fine. Thanks again.
29-04-2015 14:22:22 -0400
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