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What Version Control Systems does Denodo integrate with?

I wanted to get a list of version control systems that Denodo is known to integrate with. In the Administrator Guide for Virtual DataPort 5.5 on page 316 it gives examples of Subversion (SVN) and Microsoft TFS. Are there any other systems that integrate with Denodo or what ones are known not to integrate with Denodo if that is easier. E.g. GIT and CVS.

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Hi, As you have noticed, Denodo supports direct integration with Subversion and Microsoft TFS from the VDP Administration tool. Support for git is included in the roadmap. You can also use any other version control system by using the export and import command line scripts. More information about this can be found in the ‘Export the MetaData of the current installation’ section of the ‘Denodo Platform Migration Guide’. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
10-06-2015 05:35:43 -0400
That was exactly the information I I was looking for. Thanks!
10-06-2015 09:26:45 -0400
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