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HTTP Headers for an external REST service

We have to integrate with a SaaS HR system which exposes everything RESTfully. To search with a filter, I have to make a POST and pass in a JSON header according to their syntax. I have the following working so far as my header - this will create 2 required interpolation variables for emplid and formname. Works just great. \{"filters": [ \{"name": "formdata.person.externalid", "value": ["@emplid"], "operator": "=" \}, \{"name": "formdata.form.formname", "value": ["@formname"], "operator": "=" \} ] \} Now some of the time I need to search on an additional field (@jobid), but I didn't want to make a separate connection/view for this field. The new header would look like this: \{"filters": [ \{"name": "formdata.person.externalid", "value": ["@emplid"], "operator": "=" \}, \{"name": "formdata.form.formname", "value": ["@formname"], "operator": "=" \}, \{"name": "", "value": ["@jobid"], "operator": "=" \} ] \} How would you handle something like this? I tried messing around with ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull, but it didn't seem to work. Because I coded this filter into the header, I have to pass it a jobid or the SaaS system won't return me the data. I'm guessing it require another view, but I'd like to hear some options.
24-07-2015 12:52:05 -0400

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Hi! What you can do in this case is to make the interpolation parameter to contain the whole json part for it. This way, your json would look something like this: \{"filters": [ \{"name": "formdata.person.externalid", "value": ["@emplid"], "operator": "=" \}, \{"name": "formdata.form.formname", "value": ["@formname"], "operator": "=" \} @jobidjson ] \} Once you have the base view, next step is to create a derived view over it. In this derived view: First, create a view parameter over the view called for instance 'jobidparam' with default value: 'no_id'. Finally, create a where condition over the field 'jobidjson' like this one: case WHEN (jobidparam= 'no_id') THEN ' ' ELSE ' \{"name": "", "value": [" '|| jobidparam ||' "], "operator": "=" \}' END Querying this derived view will perform what you are looking for. If you provide a value to jobidjson, it will concatenate the json needed to the header. If you don't provide it, it will contain just the other parameters. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-07-2015 10:51:20 -0400
Very cool - let me give that a shot!
29-07-2015 10:16:28 -0400
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