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Getting SSL I/O errors while loading data from Denodo views using Informatica sessions

I am getting few SSL I/O errors in the Informatica session when I try to load data from Denodo view. The issue seems to go away when I try restart the failed session, but seeing this issue quite often. Do I need to make any configuration changes on Denodo or Informatica side? to resolve this? Below is the snippet from the Informatica session logs ERROR : (18085 | READER_1_1_1) : RR_4035 : SQL Error [ FnName: Execute -- [Informatica][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]01006 FnName: Execute -- [Informatica][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]SSL I/O Error. FnName: Close -- [Informatica][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]01006 FnName: Close -- [Informatica][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]SSL I/O Error.].
05-08-2015 19:02:51 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, Are you getting the error when accessing an specific view or is it a general error for all the views? After how long does the error appear (seconds, minutes...)? Check if the vdp.log file includes any error trace that can give any hint about this behavior. Cheers.
Denodo Team
12-08-2015 07:45:28 -0400
Did anyone ever find a resolution to this? We are seeing nearly identical error messages - we get the 'FnName: Execute' messages but not the 'FnName: Close' messages. A workflow fails, is restarted automatically and then succeeds. This happens night after night.
06-06-2019 13:06:43 -0400
Hi, The error '**fnName: Execute**' may occur due to multiple reasons. Hence, I would check the 'vdp.log' file located under <DENODO_HOME>/logs/vdp folder, which would give a brief description of the error. Also, I would ensure to use the Denodo ODBC driver which can be found under <DENODO_HOME>/tools/client-drivers/odbc folder for connecting to Denodo Platform from Informatica. You can take a look at the Knowledge Base (KB) Article [How To Access to VDP from Informatica PowerCenter through ODBC]( for more details. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-06-2019 02:16:17 -0400
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