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How do I return all the valid data from a union view even if one of the underlying views fails?

Hi, I have a union view made up of 75 other views (I'm unioning 75 views together). Sometimes, one of the southbound databases is offline and the entire union fails when I access it over JDBC. I have noticed that when I run the same query via the VDPAdmin tool, data is returned (but the tool does tell me there was an issue). Is there a way to return the data via from this union view even when one of the underlying views fails? Thank you~!
08-09-2015 13:10:03 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, The VDP JDBC API returns all the tuples, and it shows the exception which causes the problem at the end if any problem occurred during the execution of the query. What you can see using a JDBC client depends on the JDBC client itself. If an error occurred the client can decide to show the rows obtained and the error or only the error. Thus, if you want to visualize all the rows returned, even if there is an error, you may need to implement your own JDBC client and get all the rows through the ResultSet.
Denodo Team
09-09-2015 12:43:03 -0400
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