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MD5 or SHA hashes to verify the download

Hi there, I just downloaded the express edition of denodo. Even today it might happen, that your download might appear complete, but it isn't. Even worse, it may be complete, but not completely correct. It would be very helpful, if you could provide MD5 oder SHA [1,256,384,512] hashes to verify, that the download has been completed AND the files have been transmitted completely correct. Thank you very much in advance. Kind Regards Thorsten Michels
10-09-2015 05:11:53 -0400

1 Answer

Hi Thorsten, Thanks for your suggestion and your participation in the Denodo Community. We take note of your request and we will consider it for a future new functionality. Kind Regards
Denodo Team
11-09-2015 05:01:35 -0400
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