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How do I check out a specific revision?

Hi, I checked in some changes to my virtual database in April. Since that time, I've made many other changes but now I realized that I didn't want any of those changes. Thus, I'd like to start afresh with my April check-in.... but using "VDPAdmin >> Administration >> VCS Management >> Databases >> Import", I do not see a way to check out a specific revision. I see that I can check out the latest revision and then right click on my database >> check out >> and then choose a revision number... but I'm not sure this is going to delete newly added views ( see the other similar question titled "Reverting changes to Virtual Databases that are under VCS Control?" ) Right now, here is one way that I've figured out how to the above: 1) Check out your SVN repository to your local machine using TortoiseSVN 2) Right click on your database folder and choose TortoiseSVN >> Update to Revision 3) Find the revision number associated with the revision you want to check out and put that into the revision box. 4) In the Update Depth choose "Full Recursive" 5) Click okay 6) Start Denodo and the VDPAdmin tool and check out your database 7) Make any changes you want and check it in Although the above works, it would be nice to be able to just check out a revision directly from the VDPAdmin tool instead of having to update my repository to an older revision first and then doing a checkout. Thank you~!
23-10-2015 12:47:57 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, exactly, when using "VDPAdmin >> Administration >> VCS Management >> Databases >> Import", you are always checking out the latest revision from the VCS. But, after that, you can right click on your database, select "check out", select "Database" checkbox, and then choose the revision you want. When checkout operation ends, the admin tool is going to show a window with the list of elements removed (if any). After accepting the dialog, the elements tree will show, marked with a gray icon, the elements removed (you will have to check-in again your database in order to delete them from the HEAD). One note regarding checking to an older revision: now, if you have local changes, they will be preserved; so, be sure you don't have local changes before restoring the old revision. Did you try using this approach?
Denodo Team
26-10-2015 08:33:03 -0400
That works too! Note: the progress indicator while waiting to check out the old revision doesn't currently show the number of statements like it does when I perform the initial checkout of the head revision. (So I had to wait for 3 minutes on step 4/5, hoping that it wasn't stuck.). Thank you!
28-10-2015 16:24:24 -0400
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