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Java Heap Size

I downloaded the HDFS custom wrapper, and when I try to import it into the VDP, it throws JAVA heap size error. Then from control center when i tried changing the JVM settings from default 1024 to 2048, VDP is not starting, but when i change it back to 1024, it starts normally. How to debug this issue I followed the instructions from above link for JVM settings, but still the problem remains.
02-05-2017 06:43:45 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, The ‘VDP server is not starting’ could be due to wrong configuration settings in the Memory Options tab of the Denodo Control Center. I would recommend you to change the Memory Options settings as below: - Set the ‘Virtual DataPort Server/ITPilot Wrapper Server’ value to its default as ‘-mx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewRatio=4’. - Change the ‘Virtual DataPort Administration Tool’’ value as ‘mx1024m’. - Restart the VDP server and then import the HDFS custom wrapper jar file. And also check If the the memory assigned to that virtual machine is actually reserved for it (that is, the allocated memory cannot be used by other virtual machines, even when VDP is not using it). If this is not possible, be conservative in setting the size of the allocated heap size to avoid the OS swapping to disk. I hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
04-05-2017 00:10:50 -0400
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