Automatic query rewrite

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Hi, we're explor enodo as a cache platform for EDW, our EDW is built on redshift and we'd like to replic a similar featur to oracle's aggreg uery rewrite within denodo, are there any docs or examplea on how to do this. Our BI tool is cognos and its modelled on the EDW, but perform an be slow, even if the query is an aggregate to return a small data set. what we'd like to do, is to replicate the same model within denodo and connect cognos to denodo, and then pre build certain aggregates thatvare used a lot and alow denodo to rewrite the query to the a ables. any help on this is greatly welcom
04-05-2017 20:29:59 -0400

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Hi, In Denodo aggregation query rewriting is performed using one of the below query optimization techniques * Full Aggregation push down * Partial Aggregation push down This will help you to delegate the aggregation query directly to the Redshift data source by which the overall query performance is improved. You can refer to this official documentation which talks about how query rewriting happens within Denodo. * [Automatic Simplification of Queries]( I have some official documentation links for your reference on how to connect Denodo with Cognos and general information about Denodo Cache module, * [Connecting to Denodo from Cognos]( * [Cache Module]( I hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
09-05-2017 05:17:12 -0400
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