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Second installation on the same host?

Is it possible to put a second installation of Denodo on the same Windows host? What are some pitfalls to avoid when doing so?
28-10-2016 15:38:55 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, For configuration simplicity and performance, it is not recommended to have multiple Denodo installations in the same host. However, Denodo components run on independent Java processes, so it is technically possible to run multiple Denodo instances in the same host. In doing so, please take into account the following considerations: * **Port numbers**: Please make sure the second Denodo installation is configured to use different ports as the first one. Note that you will need to change ALL ports, not only JDBC and ODBC. For more info, please refer to [this Denodo Knowledge Base article]( * **Performance**: Two or more Denodo instances running in the same host will compete for resources like CPU and memory. Please make sure the host is capable to acomodate the two instances. * **Licenses**: Make sure you have the proper licenses for the two Denodo instances to run at the same time. The two instances will count as independent nodes, even if they're hosted in the same physical/virtual machine. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-10-2016 19:53:29 -0400
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