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JDBC connectivity to SQL Server 2008 R2 using either the JTDS or Microsoft drivers

I am running into an issue connecting to a SQL Server 2008 R2 named instance using JDBC with either the JTDS or the MS Driver. I've tried specifying just the instance (which would be ideal, as it is conceivable that with named instances they could be using dynamic ports), but I can't connect regardless of the syntax I use (look below for some examples). Do I have to specify a port when using named instances and connected via JDBC? Is there something wrong with my syntax below? For the Database URI: For security reasons, I am putting the computer name down as FQDN for fully qualified domain name. I can resolve the FQDN on the virtual machine running Denodo Express. This works jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN]:8788;databaseName=IDSDataMarts These do NOT jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN]\DEV1;databaseName=IDSDataMarts jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN]\\DEV1;databaseName=IDSDataMarts jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN]\DEV1/IDSDataMarts jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN]\\DEV1/IDSDataMarts DEV1 instance is currently set to 8788, but that could change I'm using the prepackaged Denodo Express virtual machine as I am working on a PoC to sell internally (and also test the viability of the approach).
28-11-2016 17:57:00 -0500

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Hi! Taking a look at the [jtds FAQ ]( I'd set the instance as a url property as in this example: ``` jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://[FQDN];instance=DEV1;databaseName=IDSDataMarts ``` Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-11-2016 07:57:47 -0500
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