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Entityframework connecting to VDP ms sql

Hi, i am evaluating denodo for our IT landscape. we have couple of important applications built on top of EntityFramework 6.x (web apis, angular js mvc applications etc.). I understand sample provides a way to connect to postgreg sql using npgsql EF provider. I couldnt find any ways to connect to VDP which exposing ms sql server tables and views from EF. For EF ODBC is not supported. Any suggestions how to connect????
23-12-2016 03:16:21 -0500

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We are compatible with postgres ADO.NET driver ( so that you can use Entity Framework with Denodo in a similar way you would use it with Postgres. You can see the documentation in our Virtual DataPort Developer Guide (check section "Access through an ADO.NET Data Provider). If you download the express, in the "samples" folder you will also find an example that uses EF with Denodo
Denodo Team
23-12-2016 10:37:25 -0500
thwnks for the response. But, my question was about microsoft sql server. how would i connect my application to vdp which is currently connected to ms sql server thru entity framework. ? I am clear it would work if i was using postgress. ARE YOU SAYING SAME PROVIDER CAN BE USED TO MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ?
24-12-2016 01:02:05 -0500
OK let's see if we got this clear. Your scenario is: a) SQLServer in the backend b) Denodo as the middle tier. SQLServer conencted to Denodo as a data source of type JDBC c) .NET application as the client application, connected to Denodo In a scenario like this, the vendor of the sources connected to Denodo is irrelevant once the base views are created in Denodo.The fact that you have a SQLServer in a) doesnt matter. You could have Oracle, DB2, flat files, web services, etc, or any combination of the above. Denodo's engine takes care of that. But from the client application perspective, your .NET application is connected to Denodo. And the conenction to Denodo is done via the npsql data provider, connected to the Denodo server. This doesn't mean that you are conencted to PostgreSQL. You are conencted to Denodo, we just use the Postgres drivers. In execution, your data will come from whatever sources are conencted to Denodo, in your case SQL Server. But that's transparent to the client application.
Denodo Team
26-12-2016 08:17:04 -0500
Thanks for this explaination and sorry for the long delay in response. I have tried connecting from entity framework samples provided and connected to sample view creted under tutorial database from sql 2014 server using JDBC driver. However, it fails with error "authentication error: Database 'template1' not found". I think it is do with entity framework migrations but just wondering how did sample worked for you.
13-01-2017 01:16:14 -0500
somebody mentioned this in sof. is it still valid ?
13-01-2017 05:46:20 -0500
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