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How to import a flat file from Linux server to VDP which is installed on Windows

Hi Team, I have Installed Denodo on my Windows Machine and and on Linux Server as well. I could able to connect from VDP to Linux server succefully. I like to know that how to import data sources like ( XML , EXCEL, Postgresql which are on Linux server ) on VDP ( installed on Windows ) . Let me know if any documnets are avaialbe. Regards, Ganesh Taware
19-01-2017 04:35:21 -0500

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Hi, I understand that you have VDP server running on Linux machine and VDP admin tool client on windows machine. You would like to import some data sources which is available on VDP server to your VDP client running on windows. From your VDP admin tool client in windows machine using the option "Local" for file location/data route you will not be able to import XML, JSON files as a data source. Because it will let you browse files only from the file system where the VDP Server is installed. In this case you could use a tool like WINSCP or Filezilla to host the files from Linux to a FTP location and you can import these files into your VDP admin tool installed in Windows system by selecting the Data Route as "FTP / SFTP / FTPS Client" for XML files. In the configuration for Excel data source you can point the File Location as "FTP / SFTP / FTPS Client".Finally provide the ftp location and credentials to create the data source. To import Postgresql into Denodo you create a JDBC data source in your VDP admin tool by selecting the PostgreSQL as the Database adapter and you need to provide the name or the IP address of the linux server in the host part of the Database URI. Alternatively you can also use a HTTP server like apache or even a shared folder to import your data sources from linux server. I would like you to refer to the section titled "FTP / SFTP / FTPS" in Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
25-01-2017 05:18:39 -0500
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