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Tomcat server stopped

We have 12GB JAVA heap reseved for Denodo services with a RAM of 16GB on Windows server. The Tomcat server is stopping because of the memoery issue when some expensive jobs are running. Is there a way to reserve some RAM for Tomcat server so our Web admin tools like Scheduler, Monitoring & Diagnostic tools run uninterruptedly.
14-02-2017 22:01:17 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, If i want to configure the memory allocation for the individual servers I will do the following steps 1)Goto Denodo Platform Control Center 2)Click Configure option 3)Select JVM options 4)Under the **Memory options** tab you can see the memory allocated for each server. So you can configure the memory that you wish to allocate for each server there. In your case, to increase the memory of the web admin tools you can increase the option: Web Container = -mx512m -XXMaxPermSize=128m To learn more about how to configure JVM memory settings read these documents. **Knowledge Base Articles** 1)Denodo Admin and Development Best Practices Under Section JVM Configurations. 2)JVM Memory Settings Configuration This will help the server avoid getting interrupted. Hope this solves your problem.
Denodo Team
16-02-2017 08:12:39 -0500
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