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Encryption and Decryption in Denodo

We are preparing a ‘Solution Architecture’ for the following conflicting requirements. Requirement1: The data on cloud should always be ‘anonymized/encrypted’. Any encryption/decryption or anomymization should always be performed on premise.  is it possible in Denodo? Requirement2: Concepts like ‘Data Virtualization’, ‘Data Analytics’, ‘ODS Reporting’ should be on cloud. However, we require decrypted data to implement these concepts.  Is it possible on Denodo? Can it decrypt the data ? Regards, Ganesh Taware (91-9960912653)
28-02-2017 06:33:47 -0500

1 Answer

Dear Ganesh, Denodo offers the following features regarding your questions: * Transparent integration with database encryption, e.g. the native JDBC driver to the underlying database used by Denodo performs the decryption of data * Third-party extensions (e.g. HP Voltage) that allow encryption, decryption, and masking can be integrated via custom security policies as well as custom functions * Data Masking is respected in the query engine * Data is optionally de-mased/decrypted before passing it to the client (through an SSL connection) * In order to perform the decryption on-premise, a layered deployment of Denodo could make sense: Join of data in the cloud-instance of Denodo. An additional Denodo instance on-premise performs the decryption. Of course, all data transfers can be encrypted via SSL Thanks, Denodo Team
Denodo Team
01-03-2017 08:38:32 -0500
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