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Using VDP Exporting a WebService using only specific Web service resources produces no Properties file

Using the VDP tool, when I attempt to export a Web Service and I want to export only specific Web service resources of that Web Service --> a Properties file is not being created. However in the VQL that is generated, I get the Header line stating: # REQUIRES-PROPERTIES-FILE - # Do not remove this comment! ENTER SINGLE USER MODE; ......... Now, when I want to Import the Web Service using VDP, I am asked for a Properties file (containing the environment dependent properties) for the VQL file I am trying to import. Since I had no Properties file created when creating the Export VQL files, I am not able to Import the VQL to my other system without that Properties file. How do generate a Properties file for this situation. Again, I do not want all the resources of the Web service to be exported, nor do I want to export any dependencies (in the exporting VQL file).
16-03-2017 02:32:31 -0400

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Hi, When I try to export the web service as a VQL file by selecting only specific web service operation and the environment specific information as a separate .properties file. I too encounter the same behavior where only the .VQL file is available in the file output location. As a workaround I delete the following lines in the VQL file related to the Properties file and execute the VQL from my VQL shell to import the web service into another client system. \# REQUIRES-PROPERTIES-FILE - # Do not remove this comment! \# If you are a user with support access, I would recommend you to raise a support case in the Denodo Support Site ( Your issue would be analyzed in detail by the Denodo Support team and they will help you to find the solution. I hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
21-03-2017 09:36:21 -0400
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