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Redeploy a REST Webservice

How do you Identify and Redeploy a REST WebService once it has been Altered? I know that I am making a change to a WebService by Adding or Removing an Element from it. However, is there a Linux BASH script I can run to see if any WebServices have been altered and thus need to be Redeployed (such as the "" script in the Denodo6.0/bin directory). Thus, does anyone have a script that I can use in Linux to check for an altered WebService and then to Redeploy that altered WebService.
17-03-2017 13:48:11 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would suggest you to use the following VQL code to get the information about the web services and widgets. Syntax: WEBCONTAINER_ELEMENTS ( database name , service : { 'webservice', 'widget' } , service type : { 'REST', 'SOAP', 'SOAP/REST' } , service name , description , modified , deployed ); For example, by calling the following stored procedure would return the list of REST web services that are deployed and modified after being deployed, ``` CALL WEBCONTAINER_ELEMENTS(null, null,'REST', null, null, true, true). ``` You could redeploy the modified web service using the VQL statements, Syntax: REDEPLOY WEBSERVICE <web service name> [ LOGIN = <login name> PASSWORD = <password> [ ENCRYPTED ] ] I would check the [Advanced VQL Guide](, section “DEPLOYING AND EXPORTING SOAP AND REST WEB SERVICES” and “WEBCONTAINER_ELEMENTS” for more details on it. You could run the VQL Code in Scheduler jobs to redeploy the modified web services, refer [Scheduler Administration Guide]( for more details. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
21-03-2017 07:41:59 -0400
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