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Denono automatic names for fields when importing base views

It seems like Denodo is changing the names when it creates a base-view, from the data source names. I just do not know where to read the rules from. Is there a way to make sure that field names will not be changed (exposed the way they are exposed bythe JDBC driver, for instance ?) I mean the way that dashes are sometimes ignored, and sometimes turned into underscores. and also the addition of "_0" at the end , etc. Regards,
21-03-2017 09:25:42 -0400

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Hi, Regarding the base view names and field names, it will not be changed by Denodo unless you use Denodo Virtual DataPort reserved keywords. For example, When you have a table name as ‘select’ with field name as ‘from’ in the source and you try to create a base view by connecting to it, then Denodo will add ‘_0’ at the end of the base view name as well as the field name. In order to avoid this addition of ‘_0’ you can enable ‘Unicode - Case sensitive’ option in the menu "Administration > Server configuration > Identifier charset". You can have a look at the below Knowledge Base articles to know more about naming conventions in VDP: 1.[VDP Naming Conventions]( 2.[Unicode support]( I hope this helps you!!
Denodo Team
24-03-2017 04:54:25 -0400
Hello team, I have faced an issue after doing this particular change. After changing this, whle importing roles the roles were imported using "capitilzation" and that broke the security of the user. when changed back to "Restricted - Case insensitive", the roles started working properly!. Can you help me with that issue. Thanks & Regards, Gokul
25-09-2019 10:39:51 -0400
Hi, In Unicode mode, Virtual DataPort carries forward the case of the ROLE name from the source (LDAP in this case). The roles in LDAP may have been defined in Upper case and hence you see the role imported into Virtual DataPort server in Upper case. However, if there is a conflict with role name (irrespective of the case) Virtual DataPort does not import those roles(this would be shown via dialog box during import). In such case, LDAP and Virtual DataPort would not be able to match the role name since LDAP role would be in Upper case and Virtual DataPort server role would be in lower case and hence security failure. When you switched to restricted mode, the Virtual DataPort server becomes case insensitive and hence it was able to match the Role name coming from LDAP and proceed to login successfully. In Virtual DataPort server I cannot create elements of the same type with the same name but different case. e.g.: I cannot have the role "test_role" and " TEST_ROLE " at same time. I would suggest you to drop the roles currently in Virtual DataPort server (which was also present in LDAP) and then reimport them afresh from LDAP (keeping the Virtual DataPort server in Unicode mode) and it should ideally work. I recommend you to read through [Identifier Charset]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more details on Unicode characters handling in Virtual DataPort. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-10-2019 06:15:31 -0400
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