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Scheduler Administration Tool CSV exporter

Hi everyone! Im currently using Denodo Express to test different functionalities. One of the functionalities is exportng a CSV file about changes in the underlying databases for my base views. I created a "database changes" view in the VDP by using stored procedures in Denodo which shows me if changes have happened by running the view. In the Scheduler Administration Tool I did the following: Within the "Extraction section" I defined the following: Data source: vdp Parametereized Query: SELECT table_name, field, type, old_type, modification, depth FROM stageproject.database_change Within the "Exporters section" I chose CSV and used the following options: Filter sequence: None Output file: C:\Program Files\Denodo Platform\work\scheduler\data\csv\databaseRefresher.csv Encodig: UTF-8 Overwrite old file: overwrite old file Include Header ticked, and left the rest of the options default. The job runs fine however it does not output any CSV file. I assume something is wrong with my pathing and I don't know why, I'd like to see this CSV file. Thanks in advance!
07-04-2017 07:31:37 -0400

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Hi, When installing on Windows, I would recommend you to install Denodo Platform on the root of the drive (e.g. C:\Denodo\Denodo Platform) and not in “C:\Program files” nor “C:\Program files (x86)”as it could cause issues due to the protections of the Windows User Account Control (UAC). As Windows User Account Control does not allow a new file to be created without an Administration rights and that could be the reason for the absence of exported CSV file. You could use Administration rights by Starting the Denodo Platform with the option "Run as an Administrator". I would also check the Scheduler logs located in the folder <Denodo_Home>\logs\scheduler to get more information about the behaviour. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
11-04-2017 05:15:20 -0400
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