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Maven Integration with Denodo4E plugin

Can we integrate Maven build management with the Denodo4E plugin ? I am trying to upload dependencies to Nexus repository so they can be linked in the project using Maven. When deploying the Denodo project, the plugin doesn't recognize the dependencies stored in Nexus and thows back unexpected errors. How can we make this work with Maven ? Is there any other method to store jar/dependencies in a common repo like Nexus so that they can be reused. What are the best practices in this scenario ?
10-04-2017 16:26:18 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, What I did to integrate Maven build management with Denodo4E was to **create a Denodo Extension Project and then I mavenized it**. **I added the Java libraries needed by Denodo4E to the pom.xml as system dependencies** and now I am able to perform Maven builds without any problem. I would recommend you to read "Developing Extensions" section from "Virtual DataPort Developer Guide". Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-04-2017 10:31:52 -0400
But once we Mavenize it, we will not be able to deploy using the plugin. It would throw errors. We will need to run the Maven build and upload the jar manually to Denodo. Is this an expected thing to happen ? Is it possible to make the denodo plugin deploy with Maven dependencies ?
11-04-2017 12:15:30 -0400
Hi, I would suggest you to install the JAR libraries needed in your local repository for use in your builds. The JARs must be placed in the local repository in the correct place in order for it to be correctly picked up by Apache Maven. There is a goal in the maven-install-plugin which you could use to install a JAR in the local repository. It worked for me after install the Java libraries needed to peform the Maven build. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-04-2017 07:51:06 -0400
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