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Sybase 15.7 with uid/pwd encryption on connection

Hi. We have a Sybase 15.7 Server/Database that requires uid/pwd encryption on connection. Can we use Denodo to connect to it? I tried to use the Sybase 15 Database adapter but fails on connection because the server requires encryption. I also tried adding ENCRYPT_PASSWORD on the Driver properties without any luck. Thanks, Timmy
28-06-2016 10:21:45 -0400

1 Answer

Hello! Sybase 15 Database Adapter in VDP selects the out-of-the-box jtds driver. I think jtds driver does not support password encryption. Therefore you should configure the datasource configuration to use the Sybase driver in VDP. This interesting article explains this and how to configure a JDBC connection using the Sybase driver: This is for DBVisualizer, but the idea is very similar in VDP.
Denodo Team
28-06-2016 21:56:29 -0400
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