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restricting access to derived views only.

Can we provide read access for a derived view to users without providing any access to base views. User is accessing views from another tool(Alteryx) through odbc connection. Thank you Sachi
09-07-2017 00:01:49 -0400

2 Answers

Hi Sachi, I tried restricting the user’s access to the views in Denodo and it worked fine for me. Try the following steps: 1. Create a user “new_user” in Denodo and give him access only to the derived views of the data source, for example dv_view1, dv_view2. 2. Now when you create the ODBC DSN, make sure you use this user “new_user” as your credentials. 3. Then when you select the DSN in your Alteryx tool, you will be able to access only the views dv_view1, dv_view2 and not to any other view or data source. To know how to assign privileges to user in Denodo Platform, check out[ User and Access Right in Virtual DataPort]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
10-07-2017 06:58:56 -0400
Hi, Appreciate your prompt reply. The above steps are very much helpful. I have a follow up **question** here: I have successfully accessed the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx. **My question here is** Can I view the list of derived views in the rightside navigation panel in the Visual Query Builder window(a tree view kind of structure) in ALteryx. In this way the user will be able to get all the list of derived views to which he/she can connect. Appreciate your help. Best Regards, Sachi
10-07-2017 17:16:11 -0400
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