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How to pass Generic type or Asterisk as In parameter?

We need to build function which is equivalent to MS SQL's count_big(Column_Name) function. Since this function can be called by passing argument as 'column name' or '*'. a.As column name could be numeric, string, date, decimal or plain '*', what need to be defined as data type of 'In parameter'? b. Do we need to define method for each data type or any generic type is available? c.Also, how to pass * as 'In parameter' to function?
15-02-2016 05:54:10 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In VDP the function COUNT is already implemented. In the “Advanced VQL Guide” you can find in the section “Aggregation Functions” the description and a link to the appendix where you will find some examples of use. However the count function returns an INT type. If you need a BIG INT as a returned type then you need to implement your own aggregation function. In the “VDP Developer Guide” you will find the instructions to create your custom aggregation function and also some specific code examples. Also in the samples folder: <DENODO_HOME>/samples/vdp/customFunctions, you can see an example. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-02-2016 10:15:27 -0500
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