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How query execute with Denodo

Hi I am new to this tool, I would like to know couple of things like, 1. how query is processed with Denodo ? 2. Would Dnodo push all functions(like TO_DATE in oracle) to database ? 3. Denodo translate query to under line DB language or we need to provide that ? 4. Denodo is certified with OBIEE ? thank KSS
18-02-2016 16:39:51 -0500

1 Answer

Hi! 1. The Denodo Query has three different modules to generate and execute the queries. a. Query Plan Generator: generates the possibles execution plans for the query. b. Optimizer: select the most suitable execution plan according to their complexity, source capabilities among other parameters. c. Query Execution Engine: executes the selected plan running as many queries as necessary to get the data from the different sources, combine the results and deliver the final results to the client. 2. Denodo pushes down to the sources a wide set of functions, but there are some functions that are not delegated. Nevertheless, it is possible to develop a custom function to allow this delegation. 3. As long as you provide a JDBC or ODBC driver, Denodo will be able to execute the queries. Besides, Denodo provides within the installation the connectors for the most common data base servers such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgresSQL among many others. 4. Although Denodo is not certified with OBIEE, we provide methods to access via JDBC and ODBC. You can find more information here: * How to access to VDP from OBIEE via JDBC: * How to access to VDP from OBIEE via ODBC in Linux: Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-02-2016 07:27:21 -0500
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