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How to map Source and destination data source fields using Job scheduler

I want to push the data from oracle database to Active directory using Denodo Job, I now these two databases are different, but I would like to map Oracle columns to LDAP attributes while syncing the database and would like to schedule this job on Denodo server to run over the night. I need help while creating mapping between columns of oracle database to attributes of active directory, like other ETL tools, is there any user interface is available to map these fields.
07-04-2016 13:06:07 -0400

1 Answer

Hi By default, Denodo Scheduler provides as many data sources as the ones provided by the Denodo Platform servers that have been installed (ARN, ARN-INDEX, ITP and VDP) and also CVS and JDBC sources. If you need to access an LDAP source you have to first create the view in VDP and access the data in Scheduler through a VDP data source. However VDP does not support insertions in LDAP. You can easily get data from LDAP and insert it in a JDBC source but the opposite operation (get data from JDBC and insert it in LDAP) would require you to make a custom exporter in scheduler. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-04-2016 08:05:14 -0400
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