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Connecting Denodo and C# Application

I have trying to connect denodo with sql database and C# application , but regarding this i Couldn't find any information on it, I tried to use ngsqlconnection class to connect but it genarate error, Could you please help on this . I'm new to this . How do I connect C# application and Denodo database(sql database)?
14-06-2022 05:29:40 -0400

3 Answers

Hello, There are a few sample programs given within the Denodo installation, I’d use them as they are really helpful. You can refer to **[this](** previous community question for the same.
Denodo Team
14-06-2022 10:48:10 -0400
How do i connect the sql /postgres database with this c# application? Could you please help me on this,
15-06-2022 01:57:54 -0400
Hello, I could see an answer for a similar question [here]( Hope that’s helpful.
Denodo Team
22-06-2022 07:55:07 -0400
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