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Refreshing remote tables using Scheduler

Hi Team I want to know that how to refresh remote tables from scheduler. I have tried vdp job option but not able to get the output. Also, how to call stored procedure for create remote table in parameterized query option in scheduler. Thanks
28-06-2022 01:29:35 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, The remote table can be refreshed from the Scheduler Administration Tool by following the steps below: Login in to the Scheduler Administration tool and create a new job * Click on Jobs>Add Job>VDP Then under the Extraction Section * Data Source, select VDP from drop down In the Parameterized Query box, use the [REFRESH]( command as follows - * `REFRESH <RemoteTableViewName>` Save the job and execute. You should now be able to refresh the remote table using this scheduler job. This will truncate and update the remote table in the data source, execute the load query in the Virtual DataPort server Optional: To run this refresh job periodically, the [Trigger]( Section can be configured. To create a remote table using the scheduler, create a scheduler VDP job as mentioned above and in the extraction section CALL the [CREATE REMOTE TABLE]( stored procedure under the “Parameterized query” option such as this [example](,Example%3A,-The%20following%20example). Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-06-2022 18:17:06 -0400
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