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Denodo to Elasticsearch

Hi team, May I check if Denodo platform 8 is support the elasticsearch 8.5?
23-12-2022 01:33:05 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, If I want to connect ElasticSearch 8.5 ,then I would create a [JDBC data source](, by performing the below steps in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool or Web Design Studio: * Download the 8.5 JDBC driver from [**Elastic**]( * Navigate to File>[**Extension management**](>libraries and choose type as JDBC Drivers. * Next, click on the import button and add the Resource type as **jdbc_other** and click ‘ok’. * Create a new JDBC data source by navigating to **new>Data Source>JDBC**. * Provide a name and choose the latest Elasticsearch-6.7 JDBC adapter. * Choose the **Driver class path** from the drop-down as “Other driver JDBC driver” * Provide the Driver class as org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.jdbc.EsDriver and make sure that the driver class is correct. * Specify the **Database URI** as jdbc:es://<host>:<port> and provide the credentials. * Once done perform the Test connection to verify the connectivity to Data Source. Hope this Helps!
Denodo Team
23-12-2022 07:24:53 -0500
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