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allusers role defaulted in Denodo 7, not in Denodo 8

I see that the allusers role appears to be "granted by default to new local users" in both Denodo 7 and Denodo 8. However, it is disabled by default in the Kerberos Configuration for Denodo 8. What does this role do? The documentation does not explain what this role is for, only that it is "granted by default to new local users." How would it help to have this enabled for Kerberos Configuration? Thanks!
22-02-2023 12:02:42 -0500

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Hi, Because the *allusers* role is a Default Role which cannot be modified or deleted, It would help to have the Assign '*allusers*' role for every connected user enabled so you don’t have to assign privileges to individual users or roles. With the use of the *allusers* role every user could be assigned, for example, the `Connect` privilege to the Virtual database. In the Role Management dialog the Description for the *allusers* role may be edited and privileges and other roles may be assigned to the *allusers* role. You should refer to the Creating Roles document under the [Default Roles]( section in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information on the *allusers* role. Additionally, the [Roles]( section of the User and Access Rights in Virtual DataPort document in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide provides details on the ease-of-management of user permissions with the use of roles. The [Setting-Up the Kerberos Authentication in the Virtual DataPort Server]( document in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide has more information on using the *allusers* role with Kerberos. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
22-02-2023 16:29:23 -0500
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