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Error loading view after update

Hi, with increasing frequency since update 20230301 we receive erros like Finished with error: View 'b5d63c4d-4787-436e-9d51-7568b89c6362' not found. This happens within the VQL shell and during deployments. We have never had errors like this and the views work in Development, but not in Acceptance or during deployment to Acceptance or Production. Has anybody encountered this or know a solution? Recreating the view with the exact same VQL gives a working view, but we can't drop the 'faulty' views because it gives the same missing view error. Regards
17-03-2023 07:08:34 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, It looks to me like a metadata problem. I’d review the logs files located in the logs folder to check if you have more information about the issue. If you have an active Denodo Support user, I’d recommend opening a Support Case in [the Denodo Support Site]( to analyze this issue with the Denodo Support team. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-03-2023 09:08:18 -0400
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