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JMC tool connection error

Hi team, Could you please help in below. I am using my LDAP credentails to login which is a member of linux wheel group on that server from my organizational laptop, I connect to client network through VPN. We have AWS hosted linux version of Denodo 7.0. now, form my local system using 'jmc' tool I am not able to connect to client servers. I tried with hostname and ip address both. but still error is same. Please find below error error is  - caused by java.lang.SecurityException: invalid credentials or operation not permitted
26-03-2023 03:31:11 -0400

1 Answer

Greetings, Hope you are doing well. From the produced error, the issue seems to be related to a misconfiguration in the credentials used to connect to Denodo Virtual DataPort (VDP). Another possible cause would be that one or more passwords are either corrupt or incorrect in the configuration file. Please refer to guidelines mentioned [here]( on how you can create credentials and permissions needed. For more information, please check the [AWS configuration documentation]( Additionally, the following references depicts related scenarios and information: [AWS Quick Start Guide]( ["Invalid Credentials" error]( [Useful tools to Debug Issues with LDAP Servers]( If the issue persists and you have a valid support account, kindly raise a support case through [Denodo Support Site]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-03-2023 13:26:22 -0400
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